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Working with spirit is a lifelong journey and each step we take brings in a new learning opportunity and a fresh view on self. I have been developing spiritually since a child, allowing my life to be led by spirit and divine inspiration. A wealth of spiritual friends and teachers have been divinely placed along my path, from mediums through to spiritual healers and a melange of experience in between. As a lover of the physical world I have worked on understanding spirituality from the viewpoint of a "substantiator", meaning I have always attempted to marry physics with my spiritual path. The world of divinity and spirituality is a minefield of information and in grounding my belief system with the physical I have created a bridge in understanding that makes sense to both the human self and superconscious self alike.

Why the World Spiritual Association?

When developing I found that I needed the support of others who truly understood the ground upon which I was walking. Spiritual awakening is a personal journey and I sought out a warm and nourishing environment in which to grow. This foundation of support allowed me personally to catapult into the spiritual realms with a confidence that I wouldn't have otherwise had. The World Spiritual Association is founded to facilitate healing within whilst connecting to source. A safe place to explore the emotional, intuitive side of the human existence along side the awakening of true divinity inside and out. We will walk hand in hand with you whilst you explore your connection to the spiritual world and create a foundation to springboard your own spiritual beliefs.

Toni Puhle, Founder WSA

Life is not always a bed of roses, spirituality within also morphs throughout our lives, as a community we can shine a light for everyone on their path to safely walk within whilst collectively reconciling the human self with the spiritual self. Bringing together self love, an understanding of who you are on the spiritual path with no judgement. An opportunity to work through karmic cycles and find your own bridge to true divinity.

True Divinity - The Source?

True divinity is the understanding that we are all connected at source, we are all at one with the divine and if we balance the scales within our own personal being, we can again connect with our true divine being. Opening a world of spiritual guides, astral experiences and the possibility that your soul family and soul connections will come forth to you in order to lead a fulfilling and truly beautiful life on earth.

We will provide you with a platform and community in which you can achieve personal fulfilment and success to drive your life and to be divinely guided along the way.

True divinity is with you at all times, all you have to do is open the door.

Join us in your spiritual quest.

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