Monte Farber & Amy Zerner have written this informative blog about finding your life path using astrology.

Since ancient times, there have been those who have gotten the best out of life and those who struggled to make ends meet. The difference between them has been that the successful have known how to use the Laws of Karma and Dharma to help them navigate their Life Paths. Unfortunately, there have always been those who did not know, or, even worse, those who knew the secrets but did not put it into practice. When you understand your birth chart, you can keep doing what is working and adjust your behavior to balance any problem areas you are experiencing. We know you can do it because we are right there with you, working on our own personal karma and dharma every day. We've advised some of the best astrologers and psychics in the world and, as our friends, they've done readings for us. Some of them told us that certain things were fated to come to pass in our life, and yet these things did not occur. Do you now why? It's because for each of us, there is nothing in our world more powerful than our free will. You may have the best astrology horoscope, one that promises love, money and fame, but your will power gives you the ability to make a mess of the most fortunate astrological aspects and it also gives you the ability to make yourself into a successful person despite the worst astrological indications possible. The choice is yours to make. The North and South Nodes of the Moon in our astrology charts can provide insights into how our inner life can help guide us to succeed or fail. The Nodes are not regular planets, though they do move on a daily basis through the zodiac. They are the points where the line described by the Moon’s orbit intersects the ‘ecliptic’, which is the line described by the apparent yearly path of the Sun through the stars of the zodiac.

Astrologers through the ages have found that these are sensitive points. They represent Karma and Dharma in an individual’s birth chart. The circumstances and quality of our individual lives are determined by the causes and effects, both good and bad, that we accumulate (through our thoughts, words and actions) at each moment. The law of cause and effect affirms that we each have personal responsibility for our own destiny. We create our destiny and we have the power to change it. THE NORTH NODE is an ever-changing point of intersection between the paths that the Moon and the Earth are moving in. Its symbol shows the two planets connected by a shared path and that path is pointed north. The North Node symbolizes the best way our inner emotional life can help us succeed with our long-term goals. If we are not emotionally fulfilled inside of ourselves, no amount of outward love or success will make us feel good about the world or ourselves. The North Node symbolizes being in harmony with what we should be doing to reach the place in our lives we have decided will make us feel emotionally fulfilled. It is the method by which we can shake off any ill feelings about our past actions and be reborn. It is the ‘Big Green Light’ - it is the "good" node, the big YES! If you think that it also looks like a lucky horseshoe, you’re right! You have good luck in the house it lands in your birth chart - you can breathe easily in the area of life where the North Node lands. You are doing what you should be doing. You have earned your reward through efforts in this or other lifetimes. The North Node represents your Dharma - your work in the world to mitigate your karma. Dharma means to hold or to support. It signifies the path of righteousness - “the right way of living." THE SOUTH NODE, which looks like headphones worn under the chin, is the ‘Big Red Light’. Its symbol shows the two planets connected by a shared path and that path is pointed south. Where it lands in your birth chart, stop, look, listen and remember. The Hindu concept of Karma is very close to the meaning of the South Node. It symbolizes past actions we have made that we are not satisfied with. These past actions produce discomforting consequences that we must deal with to learn why we did what we did. Like astrology, itself, the South Node shows how similar, yet how different we all are. Everyone has the South Node in their chart, just like everyone has done things they are not proud of. However, everyone’s South Node is in a different place relative to the position of all the other planets in their chart, symbolizing that what we must learn and how we must learn it is very different for all of us. Some astrologers say that the South Node represents bad karma, but that is a limited and fairly negative view. Karma is more than ‘bad’ things happening to you because of what you’ve done. Karma is the work that you have decided you must do in order to feel good about yourself. The South Node is a reminder that you may be going against what you know are your own best interests in the areas that the house it is in rules. See what you can learn from the difficulties you have encountered in the area of life that the South Node is in. About Amy & Monte Since 1988, Amy Zerner, a U.S. National Endowment for the Arts award-winning fine artist, and her husband, author Monte Farber, have created what they call their family of “spiritual power tools,” including many bestsellers: The Enchanted Tarot, Karma Cards, The Enchanted Love Tarot, Instant Tarot, Astrology for Wellness, The Creativity Oracle, Signs & Seasons: An Astrology Cookbook, Sun Sign Secrets and Quantum Affirmations. There are three million copies of their works in print in eighteen languages. Their websites are, and Their new book MINDFUL ASTROLOGY: Finding Peace of Mind According to Your Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign includes in-depth information and guidance for each sign about Love/Relationships, Work/Career, Wealth/Success and Wellness/Mindfulness - describing for you the tendencies of the past, and predicting present and future inclinations for you that can result in various outcomes and actions. Buy it here: Join them for their free, fun weekly cosmic zoom show ASK THE ORACLES where you can get your questions answered: NOTE: Monte has ongoing astrology classes sponsored by SoulTopia - you can learn to read your astrology chart and those of others. If you are interested in Understanding Astrology LEVEL ONE- Planets, Signs & Houses - here is the link to buy the recordings of the 12 classes: Understanding Astrology Level Two: Aspects, Transits and Relationships: A 12-week Intermediate live zoom course with astrologer Monte Farber is here: And if you want to buy LEVEL ONE along with LEVEL TWO - here is a special combo discount:

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