The lovely Elizabeth Tuft has kindly written a blog on Ostara and what it welcomes in.

Greetings soul shines, my name is Elizabeth Tuft owner of Raven Wolf Moon. During the month of March we celebrate the Sabbat by the name of Ostara, I shall be talking about Ostara on The World Spiritual Association 1pm on 21st March. Discussing the history and origins of Ostara and ways in which to celebrate this beautiful sabbat and some simple yet effective spells and rituals you can do to celebrate this beautiful time of year.

This will be an informative talk discussing the traditions associated with Ostara and how you can incorporate some magic into this turning of the wheel of the year. The Wheel of the Year is an annual cycle of seasonal festivals, observed by many modern Pagans. Ostara itself is important in the sense of it is the time of balance of Light and dark. Since Imbolic we have been looking forward to this pivotal point of welcoming back the sun and sowing seeds of intentions, manifestation, new beginnings and new projects.

The equinox is the time when the plane of Earth's equator passes through the geometric centre of the Sun's disk. This occurs twice each year, around 20 March and 23 September. Simply put it is the moment at which the centre of the visible Sun is directly above the equator.There are two dates in which which the sun crosses the celestial equator, when day and night are of approximately equal length. In Western parts of the world Ostara is celebrated by Christians as Easter and we shall look into this too, a little in the talk. The common concept is firmly on the hare and eggs within the spiritual aspect of this celebration.

We are going to be seeing signs of rebirth all over the world from sprouts shooting up from the now thawing earth, trees starting to bud, animals bearing new life, lambs springing in fields the butterflies and bees coming out again into the warming season of spring. This time of celebration brings so much to our life's that we have been missing. Bringing forth a sense of revitalising energy pours upon us and around us to be seen felt and appreciated. Once more balance is restored. At this time of year, the animals are laying eggs, mating, and giving birth to new generations. This begins the celebration that will occur on May 1, Beltane, which is a further celebration of spring, fertility, and sexuality. We are as a collective animals, humans, nature, coming to a season of reconnecting with our environment and rejoice in the new life reappearing around and within ourselves.

Do you want to know what little simple spells or rituals you can do during Ostara to ensure your entering this new equinox with the greatest intentions and mindset? well join me on my live chat and find some magical information to help you on your spiritual journey on our gorgeous Mother Earth.

May spring bring the new beginnings you are hoping for into your life.

Blessed Ostara!

Elizabeth is a psychic spiritual medium with over 17 years experience. Offering tarot, angel and oracle readings. A Reiki Master, Holy fire reiki master, healer and eclectic shamanic witch, Akashic records healer, dragon energy witch amongst many other certified services offered. Elizabeth is based in the beautiful county of Derbyshire in the UK.





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