Mediumship Reading - May 2021

The rest of this month is all about balance, balancing of self, balancing your relationships with others including work. There is a fragility at this time as there are so many significant changes occurring in people's lives and some may struggle to maintain or keep the balance that is needed at times during the rest of this month. There could be a need to take some time and assess the ways in which certain things are approached. You may find at times that others may require assistance and actively seek it from you to gain some balance in themselves also.

With fragility comes vulnerability and this is something that can instil fear as being vulnerable or feeling vulnerable can cause you to put up walls and barriers to try and protect yourself from being hurt. If you find at all that you are feeling this way then look at what it is which is triggering that response from you. Is it past hurts, experiences or fears that are rising to the surface? When you can understand why you may be acting a certain way you are better able to deal with it in a healthy way. If you need to set boundaries in any way then make sure that these are healthy and not ones which are going to end up detrimental to you on any level especially emotional.

There could be times where you feel like your patience could be tested as others around you may not be understanding what it is you are wanting to create or achieve be it in work or within the dynamics of the relationships within your life. Communication and the way in which you communicate with others could really make a big difference and an altered approach to the way you communicate could have huge impacts and create positive changes not only in those relationships but also in other areas of your life.

Let us know how your month of May turns out in the World Spiritual Association group on Facebook.

Jane Matthews, Founder World Spiritual Association.

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