Flower Moon - Set your Intention!

The flower moon super blood moon and lunar eclipse in Sagittarius May26th 2021.

The Sagittarius energies bring freedom with this fiery sign to ignite us and help us develop and grow. See this as a pathway that is being cleared for a state of higher consciousness. These energies are strong but remember you are stronger. The Sagittarius moon will have you feeling restlessness, it calls us to be challenged and stimulated.

Great crystals for this energy are your reds such as carnelian, red Jasper, Ruby, blood stone to help harness the grounding deepening energy of fertility and abundance.

Black stones such as black tourmaline, Jet and Black Moonstone will help you to deal with shadow emotions that arise during this full moon. Protective black crystals opens you to the higher energies of your spiritual guidance. Place it around your home to welcome in abundance and deep protection too.

This gorgeous moon will appear red depending on where you are located in the world. For those in the UK let's hope its a clear might too see this magnificent blood moon. The eclipse will unfold early Wednesday 26th May, when the so called flower moon dips into Earth's central shadow (the umbra). Refracted sunlight around the edges of the earth atmosphere will then bathe the moon with an orange red glow. Which gives the name blood moon.

There's so much dos and don'ts about the super blood moon and the lunar eclipse. I just want to remind you that your energy your intention is what matters not what anyone else says or advises. Do what you feel is right it won't be wrong. Some may be drawn to shroud and not soak up the energies. Whereas others may want to moon bath all the energy they can. Just remember your you and your way is the right way!

The lunar eclipse energy is at its strongest 2 day prior and 3 days after. This magical even brings a time of new beginnings, so expect that somethings are needed to be let go of now. Endings of cycles, situations, friendships and relationships that no longer serve your highest good will depart. You have learnt what you need from them so take the lessons move forward with that knowledge and understanding now.

It's the perfect time to allow these situations and relationships to end, rather than continue on the same draining cycles and patterns. You do not need to keep these cycles its time to let go.

What are the effects?

Some of you will be experiencing foggy brain or forgetfulness with a loss of energy. If your feeling lethargic rest your needed to recharge for your spiritual progression. Headaches and ringing in the ears will be common symptoms too. Your gifts are flowering into blossom.under this flower blood moon.

This heightened transformative lunar energy is a great platform and foundation for spiritual minded people to transcend those old limitations that have been holding you back. So you will also feel confronted to deal with the shadow self and your shadow aspects during these next few days.

What's important now is that you love and shower yourself with kindness compassion and love.


It’s going to be a very special Full Moon tonight!

There is an air of confusion and deception right now, but only to reveal to you that somethings, situations or people may not be what they seem to be. Trust your intuition is being true to you and try to see things through your heart and trust in your intuition for revelations about you, your shadow self, your life and those around you

The Super Flower Blood Moon Affirmation

I release what no longer serves my highest good, I release situations and people in love and grace , I welcome this beautiful purging energy.

So go tonight and have a wonderful time doing what you want to do. It could be for manifestation of money fertility and abundance or burning your wishes to attractive or burning the things you want to come away from Peacefully. Whatever you do enjoy.

Brightest blessings

Elizabeth Tuft of Raven Wolf Moon




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