Conquering Self with Spirit

I am writing this blog, opening up and hoping to provide insight into how spirit can really help you conquer your inner self, how spirituality has transformed my life and how allowing spirit into your life, you can have changes in ways that you may not have even considered a possibility. It is to give hope at times when you feel that you may not have much of it or any for a better way of being.

Jane Matthews

I have a traumatic brain injury which I sustained in a car accident when I was younger. To say life became very different is something that words would be unable to express the magnitude of. I had lots of difficulties in many areas of life and the most simplistic of tasks became something that not only was a mental struggle but was also frustrating, overwhelming and upsetting. The most impactful aspect was the way I felt about myself and also the way I found it hard to interact with others around me. I didn’t want to be around many people, I got anxious meeting new people and I would actively avoid being around others a lot of the time unless I felt very safe with my friends. I would worry that others wouldn't understand me and that when my speech became bad or I got irritable and couldn't process things how I usually would they would make assumptions. I found many didn't understand my injury and therefore did not know how to be around me or why I was at times certain ways around them. Having what you could call a hidden disability made me feel vulnerable, lonely and also really anxious for the majority of the time. I found myself during my rehabilitation with the Acquired Brain Injury Team and then the most incredible thing occurred after my rehabilitation - I found spirit.

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I view my life before spirit as limiting, existing and a struggle but when spirit entered my life or should I say I opened up to spirit being in my life everything changed for the better. I would ask spirit to help with decisions I needed to make (even so much as to help me choose clothes for the day or if i should take a jacket out with me). I would ask for guidance on anything and everything and I found that with spirit in my life, my life indeed became easier and more incredible than that, i found i was living. I would ask spirit to help me with my speech when I was doing lives, to help me not swear as often so that others wouldn't be offended as much. I asked, they listened and actively helped me. I did not feel vulnerable, in fact I felt empowered. I could make decisions without being overwhelmed, I could be me and not have any judgments passed onto me and how I was on any given day. I was embraced, accepted and from that I thrived. By allowing spirit to help me with practical life things I could then enjoy just how amazing life is and that for me is what living is all about.

Many see being spiritual as being love and light and raising the vibration of all around. It is when I am having my hardest days managing myself and my brain injury that I find spirit are there, helping, supporting and accepting. It allows me to do the same with myself and I hope others can see how spirit really can practically assist you in conquering your own self with whatever tangible struggles you may go through in life.


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