5 Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Do you feel something is changing within you? Your senses different in some way? Your priorities shifting? You could be in the middle of your own spiritual awakening, tell tale signs are listed below! A spiritual awakening is an understanding at human existence level that your spirit is growing. Your human self thus growing in the process - learning and accepting what it is to be divinely human. A conflict of description for many, "divinely human" means being human in source energy, truly merging the divine you with the human you. Once your conscious self understands the super conscious self - you will begin to see the following:

SIGN No. 1 - Disconnected

Do you feel airheady at times and disconnected from the world around you, yet understanding there is a deeper knowledge within you at the same time? You are told by others that you aren't paying attention or you constantly bang into objects around you? Not having a true spacial understanding of the here and now? When we are coming into our super conscious self we often struggle to reconcile the size / space of our spirit with that of the human body, thus making us appear clumsy or not eloquent in our interactions with others.

SIGN No. 2 - No triggers

Have you noticed that you are no longer triggered by things that would usually drive you insane? It is a similar sign to the disconnectedness - you just are not as easily riled as before - see a lot of the older triggers as mere irrelevance now. This is a sign that you are clearing your subconscious self in order for you to gain insight from the super conscious you! Triggers are human constructs, from guilt reflex to emotional baggage, letting go opens up our connection to the divine and our consciousness thus shifts to see the true importance in life.

SIGN No. 3 - Exhaustion versus Exultation

It sounds contra to the divine touch, but exhaustion of the physical body is a side effect when we are working through Sign No. 2!! It is not easy to work through our human baggage! A lot of which we will have been carrying as stored patterns from childhood - a lot of grieving occurs in the process and our human bodies experience such a wide range of emotional release during an awakening that we often are left with physical symptoms whilst we purge. In direct contrast we also experience exultation, a feeling of triumphant jubilation at our losing of triggers. You may find yourself to be returning to the dancing child within you or just find more enjoyment in the smaller things in life.

SIGN No. 4 - Synchronicities

The world around you becomes a wonder of symbols and synchronicities. It may be as simple as checking the clock and seeing the same time every day, or noticing the birds chattering before a message comes in. The universe is at your fingertips during your awakening, from the stars to the seas, you will begin to seek meaning in every aspect of your daily life. You may be thinking about divination, for example, and a advertisement for a Pendulum Divination Course floods your timeline, or a group poster is seen as you pass the same shop you do every day - but on this one occasion you notice the words "Spiritual Circle - Enquire Within!". It is a fine line between the dream state of symbolism and the real world seen through the eyes of a spiritual awakened person.

SIGN No. 5 - Manifestation

Have you noticed "things just happening"? If you think back over a series of events in your life in the past 12 months have you seen an incoming situation change the course of your life without you realising it? The "hand of fate" at play in your daily musings? Spirit enter in our lives during our spiritual awakening to steer the way we are heading into the right spiritual path for us. You may have found new people enter into your life that in turn creates a different momentum (no matter how subtle) which in turn then changes another course you were on ... the butterfly effect being created by one drop of the stone into the ocean of your spiritual life.

The spiritual awakening path is a roller coaster journey, from the peaks to the troughs, the swings and the roundabouts, every step a way forward in our spiritual journey. Each spiritual awakening differs from the next, but the path walked is consistent with that of spirit.


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